A Shooters Mentality: Keys for Success

Fire away.

Don’t think about it.

The time to think about your shot is when you were getting up extra shots or working on your form or technique. That means you need the ability to make adjustments when you’re practicing and still have the confidence in games to let if fly without any thought. You must have a shooters mentality to become a great shooter.

Just because you are making adjustments when you’re practicing does not make you a bad shooter.  Making adjustments when you’re working out is just part of the process of creating muscle memory.  By creating muscle memory you are training your body to recreate the form that gives you the best possible chance of making a shot.  

Having a shooters mentality includes belief.  Believe in yourself that you are a great shooter.  Believe that you can make shots in a game.  Believe that your coaches and your teammates think you are a great shooter.  Believe that when decide to shoot that you, your coaches, and your teammates know it is a good shot.  Believe that every shot you take is the right shot.

Having this belief will remove doubt from your game and give you that tunnel vision when the moment comes for you to take a shot.  Having belief in your shot also means that when you do miss, and you will miss because everyone misses shots, you will still have the confidence to take the next shot without it having any affect on you both mentally or physically.

A shooters mentality also includes the constant search for a shot.  If you step on the court and are constantly seeking out a shot, not only will you increase the number of shots you get up but you will also feed that tunnel vision you need to shoot without any thought.  Your mind will be entirely focused on hunting for a shot that when you finally get that opportunity, every shot will feel like the easy part. AND IT IS!

So always be adjusting your shot in practice but when you are in a game you must have a shooters mentality. 


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