Will Kyrie Irving Be Traded?


There are a few reasons why the Kyrie Irving trade is a matter of when and not a matter of will. The bottom line is that if a player like Kyrie is openly trying to leave an organization that is clearly a favorite to be in the finals again then the man doesn’t care about winning anymore. This doesn’t mean that if Kyrie stays with the Cavs he won’t play hard and they will lose games. It just means that Kyrie from here on out is making personal brand decisions. Kyrie has won a ring. He must be thinking that with the dominance of the Warriors right now winning another ring will be next to impossible for a while. More importantly is his own standing as an NBA superstar. Kyrie is an unbelievable player and arguably the best guard in the league. Teams will be willing to pay a pretty penny for him. No more pay cuts for Kyrie. This is his idea of cashing out on his talents. He knows that there is more money to be made elsewhere on teams with players that lack the thrown around labels of MVP, Greatest of All Time, and the Chosen one. The real question is can he be a superstar player for another organization without the help of a championship caliber team?

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