A Rant | Improve Strengths to Get Recruited by College Coaches

Hey guys just wanted to post some (pre) pre-season motivation for any of you finishing up summer workouts and getting ready to start grinding in pre-season practices.  As you get ready to showcase your game in front of college coaches during the regular season I think you should really start considering doubling down on your strengths.  Coaches are looking for a player who can perform at a high level and one way to show them that you can do that is by becoming really good at something and then building off of that.

Be self-aware of what your strengths are and then start finding ways of improving those strengths.  If you have a strength, for what ever reason you are at an advantage and if you are able to increase that advantage even by a little bit it will begin to make you really stand out especially against the better competition.

Thanks you for your attention! Enjoy!

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