An Interview | How to Get Recruited Playing AAU Basketball with Jack Donahue

My brother Jack Donahue, who plays basketball at the University of Pennsylvania, explains where he generates confidence from and how important it is being a high energy player.  He also explains how every high school player should approach AAU basketball if their goal is to get recruited and play basketball in college.  Lastly, we had to talk about the Celtics and their trade to acquire Kyrie Irving. Crazy!

Some players forget the fact that AAU is a organization designed for kids to play basketball and refine the skills that they have worked on relentless times in workouts.  It is difficult to do these things if you are not on the floor playing.  Have no shame playing on the B or C team in an AAU program if it means that you will play the whole game in every tournament.  Especially at a young age it is about basketball experience and that comes from hours of playing time.

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